Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Totally Stoked 04/26/11 Back to Cape Town

Elder Balmforth, Yvonne, Elder Folzard
If I look stressed it's because we just taught
in front of President and Sister Probst

Hello All,
So, I did not email yesterday because it was a holiday and we could not get on any computers because everything was closed.  So I got my transfer news a little early from President Probst.  Oh, my goodness a crazy couple of days!!!!  So, yes I am South Africa, Cape Town's  newest office elder!!  There are three of us Elder Marler and Elder Winager both Americans, hallelujah and Elder Winager is from Utah, I haven't met them yet. I fly out at 6 pm tomorrow ugh, I hate late evening transfers! I am way excited but nervous and a little stressed out, but it will be nice I will have my own computer and maybe I can keep my email up all day I dunno!  So the basics that I do know is that Ii will be in the office from morning till 5pm then I will go to my area (all white again:( till about 8 or 9.  Its in the heart of Cape Town so a little more dangerous. I know that I'll drive a nicer car, (not that those things really matter) and I will get to work with the Herberts,  ALOT!!!!  Until they leave in July.  I love the Herberts!  So, I guess the reason they are bringing a few elders into the office is because most of the senior couples are going home and we are not getting more as far as I know, also my new P day will be Wednesday, that's the day the office is closed. I have no idea about anything else and now my whole skype for mothers day plan is ruined. but I'll let you know!

So I just sent a package today let me know when or if you get it!!  MOM THANK YOU FOR THE PICTURES, and Katee thanks for the picture of Kelsee's rock.  Kelsee its a little pathetic that the missionaries have to do all the communicating! JK

So this week has beem a crazy one and I am SOOO excited for this transfer!  I'm not even going to beat around the bush.  So earlier this week a crazy white member gave us this "talk" from forever ago.  So Elder Fozard read it and it was all about why the blacks are cursed and crap like that!  It just made him more racist!  I was just annoyed and not very nice about it!  We also had THREE baptisms!  In the river!!!  I baptized Clive and Jennifer and a member baptized John.  It was an amazing experience!

So we met this lady in the dark walking home from work ha she was so nice but a little crazy!  We got talking to her and she said she was a Wicka?  I said A whata?  And she said basically that shes a witch......but she believes in god and we gave her a book of mormon and she is reading it!  She was way funny!  When we said goodbye we said "be careful walking home, and she said oh I will I've got god......and my knife.  Hahaha guess you just would have had to been there!

We have done tons of tracking!  And it was way cool after the first three doors we both looked at each other and said "have you noticed that all those people spoke full Afrikaans and no English?  The point is we understood them.....sure they were all rejections but we understood!!!   My Afrikaans is coming along well, I wont speak it because I'm to scared but I understand it!!!

Yesterday we went to Knysna for our p day visit!  I saw the Stephenson's there doing well!  And then we saw Elder Nzuki and he is doing great!  He is going to be a zone leader in East London!  He's a really good missionary and he will be great!

So it was a really weird Easter!  But no offence because I really did miss you all but it was probably my favorite Easter!  I had a lot of time to focus on the Savior and his life and the atonement.  I always love to be able to focus on him and I know that he knows me and all that he went through was for each of us personally!  I know that he truly is the Son of God and that he lives!  I am so lucky to be able to share my testimony of the Savior every day!  I hope every ones Easter was as good as mine.
I haven't really gotten attached to George!  I will miss some families, but I'm excited to serve in the office!  So I will email again whenever!  Probably next Wednesday but i have no idea??  Have a great week!  Love ya all!!!

Elder Balmforth

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