Monday, April 4, 2011

Cold in Africa 04/04/11

Hello Family!
  Guess what I'm emailing you from a nice cold AFRICA!!!!!!!!!!  This week winter/heaven has begun they said this is how cold it gets but......its not that cold hahah.  The older elders are wearing long sleeved shirts, sweaters, and there jackets!!!!!!!!  I am wearing a short sleeved shirt and I wish I could take more off!  I love my life!!

So lets talk missionary work........this week we had Zone Conference on Tuesday and I had exchanges with Elder Dillon our DL on Friday.  Zone Conference was great!  I'm really going to miss the Probst's,  they are amazing teachers! The four hour drive wasn't to bad because I didn't have to drive the whole time!  Elder Cowey in my transfer is in my zone now and so it was cool to see him.  I also saw Elder Nzuki.
Exchanges were a blast we tracted alot and people are just mean sometimes.  We went up to this house and the door was open with two men and a woman inside so I said hello how are you (in Afrikaans) and they answered in Afrikaans "fine in you" I said I'\m good then in English I said well were missionaries from the church and he interrupted and said I said,  well we just share a.......he said do you know what goodbye means, and elder Dillon said um yes?  And he said well get off my door step then haha rejection sucks!
Then we had an appointment with a man who seemed desperate to meet with us.  So we went and he kindly invited us in and we sat down and we asked if we could start with a prayer and he said "only if I can say it", so we said okay, even though that's usually a bad thing!  So he prayed exactly how we do and after he immediately began talking.......seriously for an hour we could NOT get a word in!  We try ed so hard!  So an hour later he said "so in conclusion I wanted to bring you here to tell you that your serving SATAN" .....ouch! So we try ed to use scriptures to fix his problems and we basically won but we didn't argue so we just left!  I was so annoyed that he knew the sacrifice missionaries make and he had the nerve to tell us we were wasting our time and we were serving SATAN, oh I could have  slapped his bald Afrikaner head to the floor!  So when we left Elder Dillon was fine but I was so annoyed!  He told me that he was always so offended when that happened to him but one of his companions told him that Christ was spit on, slapped in the face, mocked and much more.  So when that happens to us were only one step closer to the savior!  It really helped and honestly I felt closer to him.

We also tracted into a man who claims to be a white wizard.........don't ask all I know is I'm not going back it was creepy he looked like a serial killer!
We also tracted into a man the other day when we felt really impressed to knock at his door when we started talking about the love god has for us he just broke down and cryed!  He believes that god sent us for him and I also know without a doubt that that is true and that this gospel can truly help people so much!  When we went back he made us curry!  It was lekker!

So just a question do you fly a SA flag? I sure hope so!!
So with letters I am just putting all my letters in a package I'm sending home to save on stamps so my family will need to deliver them!  Sorry I'm so cheap!  Anyway,  I'm doing really well and I love it in George!  The transfer is already more then half over!  I cant believe how fast its going!!  On mothers day I can for sure 100% skype if I'm still in George but I'm sure I will be!  I'm excited for that!  When you send a new package will you send my white shirt with black sleeves.  I plan on taking some of Elder Dillon's nice shirts because he's going home in July!! hehe anyways.

Ive have had a great week, together the mission fasted for more senior couples and the spirit was very strong with us all day I'm so thankful for the power of fasting and prayer.  I know that our father in heaven knows and loves us individually and he does answer our prayers.  I've never prayed so much and so hard in my whole life and with out it I would be messed over!  Well I love you all and I'm so thankful for such amazing family and friends, being so far away I can see who my true family and friends are and I think I have the best! I love you all and hope you have a great week!

Love Elder Balmforth

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