Monday, April 11, 2011

Busy Week 04/11/11

Hello All,

I got the package first of all and I loved it thank you all so much!  Mom, the only thing else you could send is that other shirt that is a thin grey hoodie with blue thick stripes on the front.  But, I loved all the stuff in there! And the Cd's are GREAT Janelly thank you!

My companion is okay I just have no patients, but hes cool I need to not be so serious all the time.  He's just a spoiled English guy.  But I can deal with it.

First of all I wanna talk about Peter.  I feel so bad for him I hope he is doing okay!  Its NOT easy and I DO NOT blame him one bit even if others do!  Everyone is different and I think another mission would be good for him or whatever he thinks!  Just tell him your proud of him he gave what he could and he still has a desire to serve.  No one will know what this experience is like for others because every one handles it so differently. Other missionaries just are fine and others really struggle!  Just encourage him to keep his testimony strong and I know he will be an amazing missionary.

Judd, I cant imagine what you have been through,  I'm so freaked out and to be honest I wish I wouldn't have known about Kim!  I'm way worried about her and I hope shes okay!  Please don't tell me about stuff like that unless some one dies then I expect a phone call!  I know I told you I could handle it but I can't and I just need to be focused.  Now I'm just 10000000% more worried about Calee and Kim!  I'm not mad you told me just future reference I don't want to know.  There's nothing I can do and I can't focus on two things.  Kim, I love you and Judd and your family have been in my prayers day and night and will be for a while now!

(With all this freaking news this Internet cafe needs a tissue box at the computers, I'm a hot mess.)

With Kelsee getting married as far as I'm concerned that's just one big headache I don't have to have.  I mean its a little harder then I thought but I'm okay.   Congrats Riley and Kelsee!  Just no babies though then I'll be mad.

This week has just been crazy with ups and downs!  Miracles do happen we had a white woman in church on Sunday!  We have just been praying and praying for her to come!  Her name is Zontie and she is very nice but talks ALOT!!!

We also went teaching with President and Sister Probst.  We took them to everyone, she rocks, they called her a GOLDEN investigator!  She is great!  We just have to work with some issues before she is baptized, but the lesson went amazing and the spirit was so strong.  It was one of my favorite lessons so far.

Okay with those tape take my card and GO BUY A NEW RECORDER!!!  One side of it was so bad I couldn't even here anything.  I'm still very grateful for the tape but please!  Or give Katee the jacked up one. hahaha

I can't believe Calee's little belly its soooo cool!  I wanna poke it!  Well I'm sure there will be a baby soon?  Hopefully!  I'm excited for Kim and Judd and I want  pictures sooner or later plz!

We get to watch conference this weekend, I am sooo stoked.  It will be awesome, I'm a little bitter you have already seen it, but that's okay.  I know it will be great.

Well,  Its been a weird week I'm just so thankful for all that I have and how blessed I am.  This is hard but worth it and I know that its true!  Its hard to except for some people but its eternal life and happiness.  I'm so thankful for our savior and repentance, we would all be lost with out him!  I met a nice lady who let us in!  We asked her what she would say if the savior was at her door.  She said with a tear in her eye "thank you" it was a great experience.  She then gave me a jar of mayo and sent us on our way.  They like mayo.  Well I hope every one has a great week!  Thanks for all the love and support from everyone.  Love you all.

Elder Balmforth

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