Monday, July 30, 2012

On the road...........AGAIN! 07/30/12

Hello All,
Well I guess I'm leaving again haha I don't know whats up with this.  President Wood called and apologetically told me that I was leaving again, but you can tell he really does feel bad because I'm going to an awesome area with what will probably be my 2nd favorite comp or equal to the 1st?  I will be with Elder Cowey from England!  We are in the same transfer.  We are both way excited.  Plus I will get to travel to George and Knysna for exchanges and visit people there, so that's a huge bonus!
It will be way sad to leave Bellville, but after all the moves I'm getting used to great friends going home and me leaving awesome areas.  Its not fun but its getting easier.  I will for sure miss our awesome investigators but they are progressing so well and probably will be baptized before the end of August!  So, Tuesday will be a rough day but Wednesday will be better!
We taught this awesome family that we have been teaching and the daughter had a concern about prayer. She was uncomfortable praying because she felt a bad feeling when she prayed?
So we decided to go with the ward mission leader and offer a prayer to invite the spirit.  Sometimes also know as dedicating a home.  I have not felt the spirit so strong in a long time.  I mean obviously I feel the spirit every day but not that strong it was a powerful experience!
We are also doing well with our other investigators and they were all at church yesterday so that's cool.  It sucks saying goodbye to them but its all good.
Well I know this is way short but my next one will be longer!  I'm so thankful for all the blessings that I have. Its nice to look back and see everything I have been given.  I hated moving so much and honestly its still not the best but its something I have really never experienced my whole life.  I mean same schools, same house same everything, no deaths, basically my whole life and now I have NO stability what so ever.  I have moved every six weeks for the past six months and its crazy.  I always figured I was doing something wrong or whatever but president said, no I was good haha.  I still wonder?  So its really mixed emotions.  I'm getting used to change but I still don't like it.  I'm willing to go wherever and do whatever I need too.
Thank you everyone for your letters and emails. I really appreciate it!
Love ya,

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