Monday, July 9, 2012

"I will join you if you say I can have seven wives in the next life." 07/09/12

I FORGOT MY FETCHING PLANNER!  It has everything I wanted to write because I know my emails have not been the best!  So, just know I really try!  Before I forget the two girls in Kwano< Mtikazi and Sikilele, who couldn't get baptized because of their mom.....yeah they got baptized!!!!   I was so excited they are so powerful!  AND, I just saw Malcom Fredrick's who is Tanya Fredrick's husband.  I taught and baptized Tanya in Khayelitsha.  We went through a ton with her!  He said she is doing well.  I just saw him now in the email shop!  Its good to see people!  So, we just went on a hike with the Krugers.  We hiked Skeleton Gorge.  It was the best hike I have ever been on!  I did really well too because I'm still in pretty good shape from the bike!  It was raining the whole time and there were waterfalls and it was a blast, we were soaking wet and we froze!  It was way fun!  It is straight up almost the whole way.  There are ladders and ropes and it was so fun.  When I was hiking today I really felt grandpa, its so weird how that just randomly happens some times.  It hardly ever does to me but when it does I'm glad I take the time to remember him. Things in Bellville are really taking off.  Its going well.   We have one white guy we are teaching and he is way funny.  We were teaching the plan of salvation and before we started he said "I'll join if you say I can have 7 wives in the next life"...................ummm too deep we will talk later hahahaha.  Hahaha, but really he just seems so prepared, he agrees with all the doctrine and said that is what he pictured it all to be.  He is a cool guy.  Then we just started teaching a new lady with two small kids, she is also incredibly prepared!  She went to the church when she was way young and remembers primary.  She now wants her kids to grow up having a relationship with God and says she feels drawn to the church.  She is awesome.  Her oldest little boy is an adopted black baby.  He's way cool. She is white. (not that color matters its just weird to work with white people).  Then we are teaching another white family and they are awesome.  She is recently divorced and her kids have been through a lot.  They really need the gospel and its helping them so much.  Its cool to see the spirit work and begin to change a family.  Its going slow but we can see it.
So on the fourth of July I had exchanges with Elder Staheli.  It was possibly the funnest exchange ever!  We had appointments and it was the 4th of JULY!!  So we had fun.  We were invited to Braai at the Botha's, they are awesome!!!!  We had a ton of fun.  Brooke, I made them deep fried Oreos....don't be jealous.  We had a good day and Carey, who is Sister Botha's oldest daughter bought sparklers.  We forgot to light them but we probably will this week!
We also eat at the Kruger's house every Sunday and that is a lot of fun.  They have a pool table so before dinner we played a quick game and it made me miss Oma haha.  She was the only one I'v ever played pool with and it was fun.  So, Oma beware I'm just getting warmed up!
I have been getting letters, I got one from grandma as usual and it was awesome and two from Marilyn Hancock and Oma and mom.  Thank you all for writing!  I am not the best at writing back but I will try.  I know you all deserve it!
Well its obviously been a good week.  I miss and love you all and hope you have a good week. Oh yeah,......HAPPY BIRTHDAY TODAY AUNT LEZLEE AND ON WEDNESDAY DAD AND ANNIVERSARY EMILY AND TYLER (I remember that one because it was the same day I got my mission call two years ago).  Wow!

Love ya!

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