Monday, July 2, 2012

Count Your Many Blessings 07/02/2012

I know my emails have been bad lately so this will be better.  Its been an awesome week I totally forgot it was T-Ville Dayzz but thats okay because the 4th is my favorite holiday and I freaking miss it!  I'm going on exchanges with Elder Staheli on the 4th so we are bound to have a blast.  The other day Sister Botha called, the Botha's are members and they are awesome!  Anyways she called and said "Isn't this week like an American Holiday?  And I said yes?  She said, "well do you want to do something?" hahaha and I said, YES!!!!"   So weare having a Brii!  I'm stoked!  It will be fun.
Bellville is awesome it has awesome members the work is harder and different but a lot of fun.  For the first time in my mission I have progressing white investigators!  Wierd, but they are cool!  We are teaching an awsome family.  She is a single mom with two kids and the gospel is for sure needed in that family.  They are the best and they have come to church two weeks in a row!  We are also teaching a guy named Shaqas. (its an africans name), its saved in my GPS, imagine what my GPS sounds like "arriving at Shaqas) haha potty mouth not good!
So to answer some question that I have been getting, yes I do have a car its a white Chevy Aveo.  Haha I am sure you all love the details.  I really miss my bike!!!!  I am not in as good of shape now haha, I would love to go back!  Its cold here but not as bad as Grahamstown. Yes we do get fed more, we get fed every Sunday night by the Kruger family!  They are an awesome family.
President Wood encouraged us to look for more service opportunities, so we found this place called MES.   I can't remember what it stands for but its a place that helps the homeless find jobs and homes and become self reliant.  They are looking for something for us to do but untill then we are working in the kitchen where we serve food to the homeless every Tuesday and Wednesday.  Its so much fun and has really made me realize how blessed we truley are.  I will feel so guilty going home to what I have.  Some of these people have nothing!  It kills me, I wish I could just give everything I have but then they would be serving food to me.  Oh every Saturday we go to a center for the elderly and the disabled, we have three awesome members there.  Tanya and Lizett, who are best friends and then Sister Bossman.  I love going there its just in my comfort zone.  They have a special spirit about them and really teach me a TON!
I am doing awesome.  I love Bellville and will enjoy my time here.  It could be my last area.  My companion is cool he loves to tease so it just reminds me of living at home with dad haha.
Well, I can't tell if this is long or short but its all I got.  I love you so much and I am so thankful for all of you and for all that I have!


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