Tuesday, June 26, 2012


Okay this is the mass email.  Its going to be short.  I have had a hectic morning and way hectic week!
Monday they call and say I'm staying in Gtown. 
Tuesday they call again and say pack your bags you have a flight to Cape Town.  So I have about 12 hours notice and 8 of those hours were sleeping.  Yeah, I couldn't say good bye to hardly any one.  Its so hard to leave, that was my favorite area and I was way depressed, but I'm doing better now.  I'm in Bellville and its an awesome area.  It is HUGE and its only white people.  I have never really taught whites.  We had four investigators at church on Sunday and that was awesome.
My companion is from Uganda and he is awesome!  We are having a lot of fun!  My GPS is back in use and it helps sooooo much because we are always lost.  And, no Dad, I did not move because I am a trouble maker just to clear that up.  Well I had a lot to do this week on my emails so I emailed NO one.  I'm so sorry.  Next week will be better.  I love you all so much and my next email will be detailed I swear! Oh, and happy B day Michele!!!!!!
Love you all!

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  1. Hello, I also served in cape Town 4 years ago and I am from Uganda. Send my greetings to that Elder from Uganda (Elder ????). Tell him Suzan from the Mission office in Uganda says hi. May the Lord bless you and add you strength as you continue to labor in his vineyard.