Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Not Just Because . . . . . . . 06/05/12

Hello Everyone,
Its been a really sweet week.  We have been working really hard following up on all the new investigators and teaching them about the restoration.  The spirit is always strong when we testify of the restoration.  I think that is probably one of the highlights of my week.
So despite the constant run from dogs, I am loving Grahamstown.  But really I like the dogs.  Part of our area is town ship and we ride up there usually once a day.  Every time we turn a certain corner these dogs always chase us and bite at our ankles.  Well, I have made a game out of it to race them and hit them if I have to.  So if they don't come I call them to come and then peddle my little chicken legs off.  Its so funny I love it.  I don't think my companion is too big of a fan but I love it.  I am definitely going to buy a bike when I get home.  Its way good exercise and a lot of fun.  I mean I worked like 3 min away from home, I should have walked or ridden a bike hahaha, I was so lazy.  So the other day after a particularly busy dog race we got to Evelyn's house.  She is a recent convert, she was baptized by Elder Leach...so you can imagine all the clean up I have to do...hahahah JUST KIDDING MATT!  She is powerful.  So we went in and sat down.  I started to make small talk by saying the dogs are crazy today?  She said  "Its the weekend Elder" and so I sarcastically said " OHH right the dogs...there drunk" and she laughed and said "no they know that its the weekend and everyone is getting drunk so there more defensive on the weekends" hahahahahaha shes great!
We also celebrated Sister Nye's birthday.  I attempted to make "better then ANYTHING" cake and it was different but good.  We called them and said Elder Alexander fell off of his bike and hurt his leg.  So they came to the chapel.  She walked in and said something like.  Well what happened, and we all jumped out, "SURPRISE" haha it was lame but fun.
This week we taught an investigator about obedience.  As I prepared for the lesson I took the time to think of why we have commandments.  Its obvious really.  God is our father he loves us.  Why do our parents give us rules, well to exercise unrighteous dominion of course hahahahahahaha just kidding mom and dad.  Its because they love us.  They see the bigger picture and God does not only see the bigger picture he sees the WHOLE picture.  Despite what we may feel at times he does love us.  We cannot remember our life with him before this life but if we could I know we would remember his love.  He has shown it to us here in this life some just mistake it for scientific excuses or say its just because.  Its not just because!!  GOD LOVES US so much!  Way more then we will ever know.  So he has given us commandments so we can safely return to him.  Like our earthly parents he can see the consequences of our actions and know we must have faith and choose to follow him.  President Monson said "we should stand in holy places and be not moved by the winds of change".  The world is changing but the commands of god don't and neither should we.  We are promised to have his spirit always if we are obedient and to receive eternal life!  I am soooooo thankful for that promise.
Well I'll stop now but I just thought it was a really cool lesson and it opened my eyes a lot.  Its been an awesome week and with Katee going home I am more and more thankful that I am here and I enjoy it more every day.
I love you all and Oma and Mer thanks for the letters!  Happy B day Steph and Hope and Amy!
I love you all!


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