Monday, June 11, 2012

Warthog Anyone?

Its been an awesome week!  Zone conference was great.  I love the strong spirit I feel there.  Its about a two hour drive and its nice to get out of town but I'm sick of traveling now haha.  It was an awesome training by the Woods and their assistants.  It was cool.  Of course we saw baboons and other monkeys. But its normal now haha
We also went to Sister Thomas' farm.  She is a member with a farm about an hour away.  Her husband is not a member.  He is an awesome guy.  They fed us breakfast and lunch and we did service.  We built some fences.  It reminded me of Escalante and made me miss Oma and Grandpa.  It was fun.  For lunch we had wart hog meat.  It was not my first time, it's not my favorite, but it's not too bad.  He shoots them himself.  We saw a bunch of wart hogs on the way home.  We were looking for the hippos in the river but I think it was too cold.  This week we have been trying to help the people we have found to progress.  Some are on their way, some have fallen through.  At the end of this week all the students from the university will leave, which is a portion of our teaching pool, but we will find more.  The Grahamstown Festival is coming up and we are planning some finding activities there.  Like a booth or choir or something.  Its basically an arts festival and its huge in South Africa.  We have also been brainstorming some community service activities with the ward mission leader and we should have some good things come from that very soon.  Maybe like at a senior center or library.
We taught Nandi yesterday and it was an awesome lesson.  We followed up with her reading.  We left 1 Nephi 8, which talked about holding on to the iron rod and staying on the path towards eternal life (enduring this life).  It also shows in the vision how there is a large beautiful building with people partying.  Nandi called it a "crib" hahah.  They were having a life full of worldly things but then the building collapsed crushing all who were in it.  We then watched the Book of Mormon cartoon of that chapter with her.  Her understanding of the chapter was a lot more clear.  She said "I would rather die in beautiful building then go to a tree......okay, no I don't want to die" so then we said "EXACTLY you GOT IT!  You don't want to die, you want eternal life and if you endure this life then you can have an even more beautiful mansion with all that makes you happy.  She felt the spirit and understood obedience.  We then asked if her desire to be obedient was stronger.  She said, "yes".  It was awesome.  Her friend who is a strong member shared that in this life we make so many close friends and we love them and she said that she can see the bigger picture.  She expressed love and said she wanted Nandi to have eternal happiness not temporal happiness.  It was a spiritual and even emotional lesson for them.  Aviewe (Nandi's friend) understands the gospel of Jesus Christ.  She understands our purpose in this life.  Our purpose is to prepare to meet God.  The world has changed but God doesn't.  We are not supposed to turn to the things of the world for happiness.  True happiness is found by living the gospel of Jesus Christ.
Its been very cold in G town!  Freezing and rainy.  Today its cold but clear.  We are going to see some elephants today for 350R (50$)ish.   Ii could ride one, but I will wait for my parents to come.  Anyways I got NO letters this week.  The post is so unpredictable.  I sent a bunch off today.  I got some tapes a while ago and I don't trust the post here to take a tape so I have just sent letters.  Sorry, hopefully I will send a tape soon.  Anyways, love you all  and I hope you have good week!


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