Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Great Week at Zone Conference 08/13/2012

WOW, what a week!  On Monday we flew to Cape Town for Zone Leader Council and it was a ton of fun and the trainings were really good.  Most the missionaries are really old on mission time so we talked a lot about example because there are over 40 new elders coming within 12 weeks to replace us.  It was a nice couple of days.  We came home on Wednesday evening.  Elder Acton left this morning and so now its just me and good old Elder Cowey.  We are so excited to work!  There is a lot of work to do.  We need to find more people to teach and really want to work with the inactive members.  We have a lot of ideas to work with the Ward and  are working with the ward mission leader to put together a fire side.  So there is a lot to do!
Yesterday we went on exchanges with Elder Byers, so all three of us from the same transfer.  It was a good day.  Then the Vansickles fed us!!!!  It was awesome.  Imported turkey and stuffing because they don't have either of that here.  Haha it was sooooo nice and the Taylor's were also there.  They go home at the end of September!  They were brand new when I came out!   Time seriously flies.
We have a recent convert family named the Sanadyoes.  Half our area is township and the other town.  We work mostly in town though.  Anyways this family is really cool.  We have been teaching them some great lessons and excited to set some goals for them to go to the temple.
We are also working with a family named the Clarke's, they have not been active for 26ish years and they are coming back and the change you see in them is awesome!  Sister Clarke just said "it felt good to be back".  She made us some bed socks as well and they are real warm haha.  It's been cold at night but pretty warm during the day.  Summer is coming.
Well my letter next week should and will be better.  I hope everything at home is going good.  Its awesome the La Vitas are at my house.  I hope they are enjoying it.  I am glad Grandma is doing well.  I love all of you and thanks for all you do.

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