Monday, January 2, 2012

HAPPY 2012

Hello All,
Well what a week!  First  off, Mom told me Shandice is engaged.  From Mishons letter I half expected it!  I HATE missing a Beal wedding and a baby!  Its all good.  Also I am trying to write back to everyone who has written to me,  sorry I've been a little slow. This morning we played golf and it was ALOT of fun I never knew I would enjoy it but I want to go again.  I did pretty bad but not really terrible and I will get better.  I know grandpa would be proud that I went, but I am sure he would have been embarrassed ha!  Its been a very slow week.  People shut down for the holidays and basically live at the beach!  Its frustrating so we just took the time to contact a lot of less actives. We visited with a lady named Akona and her brother.  They have both been gone for a long time and she was so excited to meet with us!  She expressed a true desire to change and come back.  We taught a powerful lesson on the atonement.  I KNOW with out a doubt that the atonement can apply to all who except Jesus Christ to be the savior.  We can all start over and change.  The gospel is strict but we have a way to fix things.  I think people just forget that and get discouraged. Repentance is a positive action and some people get discouraged.  Sure its humbling but that's a huge part of it is humbling ourselves before the Lord.  It just really gets me when we meet people who have forgotten the truths they have felt.  I guess that's why were all here is to remind each other and help each other home.  I think that is also forgotten.  I am so thankful to be used full time in helping others along the way.  I hope I'm doing all that the lord wants me too.
Lydia our recent convert should be coming back this week and hopefully we can take the Van Sickles (senior couple) over to visit once a week.  She is home all alone every day with her daughter and she still manages to stay happy. Siphokazi is also doing very well.  Her little family is amazing!  They will go very far together.  Its been a great week!  Transfers are this Wednesday and I'm sure we will both stay.  I haven't gotten any post (mail) for two weeks because of the holidays so hopefully Thursday I will get some, haha but I'm sorry I haven't written alot I will start now.  Thanks for everything love you all.


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