Monday, January 23, 2012


This week has been a really good week. We had interviews and Zone training.  We also had the area psychologist tour the mission with President and Sister Wood.  He did a really cool presentation on personality colours.  I am mostly blue with a lot of white and a little red.  At least for now, my personality has changed a little on my mission.  Probably a good thing.
I just had to walk all the way home from the drivers licence place.  The zone leaders were supposed to come pick us up but they fell asleep and some one broke into their apartment. hahaha I have had bad p day luck the last two p days.  Oh well its still fun.
We are working with this really cool inactive lady.  She is 25 years old and was baptised when she was 12! She went to church for three weeks after her baptism and never went back and no one including missionaries went to see her.  She is so smart and knows the bible very well.  So we are basically teaching her like a non member.  She is loving the lessons and is feeling that its true. They are some of the most powerful lessons I have been in.  She came to church yesterday and in gospel principles class someone asked her if she was a member and she said yes I'm coming back!!!!!!  Its been a lot of fun to she how much she has grown.
We have also been teaching these two younger girls.  They cant be baptized because they are 17.  So we have been praying that their family would join us.  These girls are so smart and dedicated.  They have not missed a Sunday in 3 months.  They attend seminary and they are just way smart.  They go home and teach their family everything.  Everyone thinks they are members.  So here is the  miracle.  We asked their dad if we could set an appointment with him and he said yes!  So we taught him on Saturday and it went great!  I hope he progresses well.  Things this week have been good.  We have these accountability's that we work on every week and last week was letting the Holy Ghost be the true teacher and it was really cool to work on.  The spirit is so much stronger when you listen to what to say.  I know Heavenly Father is aware of what we need and I have seen that as I'm able to share more about the gospel with people.
Well thanks for everything love you all.  Sorry this is a way random email.  I'm running out of time and I'm just rambling on haha.


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