Monday, January 30, 2012


Well things here are okay. The heat is slowing me down so much and it irritates me so bad.  My mind and heart want to go 1000 miles an hour but my body can't fight this heat.  I'm just annoyed.  I still go out every day I am just slow in speech slow when walking and always late and you know how I HATE that!  I'm so mad at myself.  Because of that the week has been frustrating, but other then that its all good.  At the beginning of the week Elder Mooki and I felt prompted during a planning session to try again to visit a very young recent convert.  We have tried before but she is never home.  However, we listened to the prompting and we scheduled her in our day.  So we go there and to our surprise she is home with her family. She is the only member.  As we greeted them we were told that their grandmother had just passed away that morning. They were all pretty upset.  People here expect visits from their church when there is a death in the family and as we have gone through the ward list we have found it is a common reason for people to go less active if there church doesn't visit after a death. Tvhe family was touched by our visit and we were able to teach them the Plan of Salvation.  I know that is where Heavenly father wanted us at that time. It was perfect.
Dad asked what I fill my day with.  Usually its an even amount of less active, recent converts and appointments with Investigators.  The stake president wanted us to visit every person on the ward list which is about 700 or so. That's split into two areas.  So we are working on that.  This Sunday there was almost 200 people in church it was awesome.  This ward will soon be split.  Bishop Mahaluba and his wife fed us yesterday and he was excited about how may people were there.  I heard Katee's companion got sent home that's really sad I hope she is alright.  Well, its been a great week.  I WROTE ONE LETTER!!!!!!!!!!!  Its a huge accomplishment and I will write 5 more today....hopefully!  Well I love you all thanks for everything!

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