Monday, February 6, 2012

Hey, This Book really does work!! 02/06/2012

I have so much to write about and I wrote it all in my planner and then, I left it at home!!! Before I forget Happy Birthday Liz and Grandpa.  I know Grandpa is happy celebrating his birthday in heaven.  This week was an answer to probably a lot of prayers.  It was rainy and very cool all week long!  I had all my energy back by Wednesday and it was awesome!  I have been beating myself up about being so slow in the hot sun but this week was such a blessing.  Now its super hot but if the Lord can work for me then I will work for him!  Actually I would work for him anyways.  But this week was good.  For the past couple of weeks we have been planning a church open house for the community and it has been a lot of work for the whole district.  Its going to be huge.  It will have a free car in the parking lot and then in the building we will have different displays (Restoration, Book of Mormon, Temples,Baptism, Ect.)  We are really excited and I hope people come.  It has been announced on the radio and in the news paper.  So things are looking good. There is an awsome couple here named the Van Sickles we LOVE them they have helped so much and elder Van Sickle is JUST like my dad so that's been cool!  Also the Taylor's are amazing!  The whole zone went to Ado Elephant Park today and that was a ton of fun.  There are all kinds of animals like elephants, lions, zebra's, giraffes, except I didn't see the giraffe! It was a blast!  We just drive around and get so close.
This week we met with Babalwa.  She reminds me of my friend Mishon.  Her brother in law is a recent convert and she is preparing to be baptized.  I guess they decided to read the Book of Mormon when they didn't have much to do. They are both out of work and desperate to get jobs, so as they were reading, Vuyos (the brother in law) the phone rang and it was someone offering him a job.  At the end of the phone call Babalwa put down her Book of Mormon and said, "#@!& that book really does work!!" hahaha I love Africans!!
I also know that that book, the Book of Mormon IS the word of God and it is true!  Reading it will bring us closer to God and help us know how we can  rreceive full salvation.  I love you all and hope everyone is doing great!  Oh and congrats on getting engaged Brad.  That is so awesome!

Love ya!

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