Monday, February 20, 2012

Hot in PE 02/20/12

Hello every one!
Its been a great week!  I'm sure my emails are sooooooo much more boring then Katee's, but oh well! things here are going good.  Its a hot mother today so I'm happy its p day so we don't have to walk around in the heat!.  I have a new companion named Elder Ssemanda.  He is really cool.  He is from Uganda.  We are having a blast.  He can make chapattis.  It is like tortillas but better so I think we will have that soon!  We also get to drive to PE to pick up the zone leaders so we might get McDONALDS!!!! I hated mcds before but its a rare thing now!  Our area is doing great.  We have built a really strong relationship with the ward.
Things are going well. We have been working hard to re activate and also strengthen all the recent converts. Can you believe that over 40 people were baptized in ONE ward in ONE year!  I can't!  The sad thing is that they are not all active.  So its been a lot of fun work to help strengthen them.  Little do they know I am probably the one being strengthened.  They are such amazing people.  We are working with one right now who is struggling with some obedience issues.  His story is really cool though it all started with one small step in the wrong direction.  Satan is so clever to help us make one small mistake and then he leads us in the a huge pile of sin.  That is why exact obedience is so important!  Stupid Satan!  Well our recent convert is so strong we have been focusing on the healing powers of the atonement and I will lovingly say anyone who doesn't believe that there is a savior has not done their research and has not prayed about it!  I know that Heavenly Father sent his son to suffer and die for each of us.  He has felt our pains and our temptations and our griefs.  I know he has.  Becasue of that atonement we are able to be made clean.  I'm so thankful for the atonement!  Thanks for all you do I love and miss you.

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