Monday, February 13, 2012

Sooooo Tired!!! 02/13/2012

I know that if I don't write I will be in trouble.  I am soooooo tired.  We moved into a new apartment this week and it is HUGE!  So empty but it's nice.  It has just been exhausting moving plus I didn't sleep much last night so I'm sooooo tierd.  Which is why this email will be short and if I don't respond to other personal emails I'm sorry.  I really am.  But we had the open house on Saturday and it was so much fun!  It was a huge success.  There were TONS of non members and while the youth washed their cars we gave them a chapel tour around to the different displays.  Every one loved it and we have a lot of people to go visit!  I'm so excited. it was alot of work but a very creative finding method.  So I found out I will be staying and I'm so happy!   I'm learning alot in this area.  Elder Mooki is going to Cape Town so that's too bad and my new companion will be Elder Ssmanda from Uganda.  I hear he is a good cook.  I sure hope so.  I am on the last belt loop on my belt I can't get any skinnier, none of my pants fit right any more.  I could use more fat hah.  So hopefully we will see that soon.  Elder Pearson is going to the office so he can heal quicker.  Poor guy, he will enjoy the office though.  Elder Cowey is replacing him so that is sweet.  I hope I can handle two English guys in the district haha, but I love them both they are awesome.  They are two of my favorite elders. AGAIN I had so much to say and I left my planner at home!!!!  But more about the open house.  I loved seeing the ward come together and help all of the visitors.  The spirit was so strong and I just knew that is where Heavenly Father wanted them to be.  It was amazing.  I'm sorry this is short I love you all.  I got two letters this week from my grandmas!  Oma and Grandma Harward.  Everyone knows I have the best two grandmas because I usually get a letter from each every week!  Today we are going to PE and the Van Sickle's are taking us out to eat.  They are awesome!  Well I love you all, have a great week.

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