Monday, January 3, 2011

Email from 01/03/2011 Transfered to Knysna

 HELLO okay joint email! sorry about this but imma go play with some elephants in a little bit!!!
Okay so yes I got emergency transfered No it was nothing I did!  I was so worried it was me and so I just asked president Probst what I did and he chuckeled and explained to me the situation.  Elder Leach needed to help another missionary who was struggling with some real issues.  I DID NOT WANT TO GO but I know Elder Leach can really help this Elder. It was SOOOO hard to leave and yes I am homesick but from Paarl!  I miss it there and I really miss the La vitas and other families!  So it was monday night and I had just laid down for bed, it was dark and we saw the phone light up, we both darted for the phone like usual, Elder Leach won and I was injured, like usual. The phone said aaa pres Probst, Elder Leach answered the phone and they talked for a little bit and then I heard the words "well isn't there any on else" and then I heard "well I dont want him to go but I think Knysna would be great for him" So yes I am in a place called Knysna (silent K people) its actually Elder Leaches 1st area and he was here for 3 transfers and he loved it he would always talk about it and I would always say "I hope I go there"! my new companion is Elder Nzuki from Kenya he has been out for 11 months and he's nice.  It's a two man district so I hardley ever see other missionaries.  I flew here and I have been here since Tuesday. He had me out of Paarl preatty fast, but anyways Elder Nzuki is good, its VERY diffrent from Elder Leach but we work just as hard and actually I recieved another call from th APs this morning telling us they were happy with our work and so is President! Elder Leach had a hard time but he will be fine!  Do you know the Walkers, like Eric and Laura, well there brother did the baptismal interview on my companion in Kenya!  At least I think it's him? Cool right small world! So our flat is great its even nicer then Paarl. I did mass murder a few roaches the other day and then had a hard time sleeping but I think I got them all! hopefully! The people are great! The people in the township have a really hard time keeping commitments though! It's frustrating but hey what can you do! We are just trying to help them keep commitments! The branch is about 40% black and 60 whites from ether SA or England, its a holiday area or alot of them retire here. It's small peaceful and BEAUTIFUL! And there is a jungle on one side and an ocean on the other! Most days are cool, very few hot and some even COLD!  I love the weather! I dont know people well yet so I will find one you can FB mom! We do have a car, and on Monday we will be going to Port Elizabeth for zone confrence which is about 5 hours away! It's hard because my companion can't drive so I have to but at least Im' not walking!  I dont think I need anything else to specific mom but thank you! Its cool because every one knows Elder Leach and so I talk to them about him and it's great!  So the other day we were teaching a lesson and Icould not concentrate for the life of me! Wanna know why okay, I'll tell you! There was a giant RAT scratching at the wall right by me!!!! uh uh I dont do rats not yet anyways. So I just kept making faces to my companion like "lets get the crap outta here" hey the spirit left and I wanted to follow it!!!  Knysna is great though really I think I will like it alot! I miss Paarl and Elder Leach but mission is all about changing....changing your life and others! I wish I could tell you more about who we are teaching but I don't really know any of them yet!  Elder Nzuki has only been here like 3 weeks so he's new too!  I hope to get to know the members a little bit better though!  I dont think thats Elder Nzukies desire but I want to do missionary work its always easier with the help of the members! So the other day we went into a house and every one was smokin weed and getting drunk or actually they were drunk! A lady jumped up and wrapped her feble drunken arms around me and shouted "happy new year" "YES" 'white locations" dont ask what that means but it freaked me the crap out! Normally with Elder Leach we would NEVER enter into that situation, but some elders do it diffrently but it won't last because I'm not going into that atmosphere again!!!!!!  The spirit will not help us there and with out the spirit we are nothing! So I might write a sentece to each of you but I don't have alot of time we are on our way out to go in the jungle area with the Geore Elders. Elder Bryers is in george so that will be fun!  Hey thanks for the prayers and all your love and support!  Tell Katee good luck and I love her!  I'm so happy that she is enjoying her time so far! Love you all! Oh and I'm taking care of the perscription today yes I got it!

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