Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Email from 01/11/2011

Hello I'm doing really well! Knysna is wonderful!  So here are you answers!
my Companion is, nice.
he is the district leader
he does work very hard!
the weather this week has been warm but I've been feeling better then I did in Paarl!  It's still a struggle but I'm just going to keep my big freaking mouth shut!
(ps if I don't answer its because I'm trying to stay positive;)
The people are very kind but VERY flakey its discouraging but its still great!  We are working really hard and seeing blessings and miracals everyday!  I've never been in the beautiful white areas because elder nzuki prefers not to go there which is fine but some day I'll go there!
You could preatty much tell why the other elder got moved from Elder Leaches blog, I feel really bad for him but I hear he is doing very well!
The Zone Training was AMAZING!!!!!!!!  I love to be taught and not teach!!  For a day!  It's the best! I LOVED seeing the other elders!
I have been getting letters, its just sooooooooo hard to find time to write!!!  I am trying though! After the holidays they just flowed in and there are some I have'nt even had time to read yet!  But I will today!  I have enjoyed writing grandma! It's great to talk to her!  I love to hear from her.
I would LOVE to send some pictures but I won't be able to print them until we both want to go to the mall on p day:( I hopefully can soon though!)
Okay so here is the med story #1 pay off my card plz!:)  So I had to get another DR HERE to write the perscription because the pharmasist won't give me an american perscription......dont ask why! So I had to go to a dr, that was 280 rand (around 40 dollars) but the church will re-embers me on my MSF card. then the DR tells me that he can only put me on the med for another 6months because I had my scope 6 months ago and I have to have one every year!!!!!!  Uh uh no ways!  I;m not doing that again! Esspecially with out my mommy!  hahaha so I talked to our sr couple (because we have to have all dr visits and stuff approved by them) and she is a nurse practitionar and is great! She said I probably would have to get the scope done in about 6months:( because I need the pills and there's nothing else todo.  So I dunno we will cross that bridge when we get there but for now I have enough meds for 6 months. Just check my card often! ugh im so frustrated with my body why does it have these issues.  Oh well there managed now and dont worry about it!
Can you maybe put some ranch packets in that box:) if its still with you?  If not that's fine!  And you don't have to send packages all the time!  Although its greatly apprectiated!!!  And your the best for sending them to Elder Leach thats really nice! I freaking miss him!  It's hard but I really am doing great!  I never thought I could just take care of my self like this and I can!  I'm doing good and the days are FLYING by soooooooo fast!
We are teaching ALOT of people and because of this new cirriculum the 1st presidency is doing we have to extend the baptismal commitment on the first lesson so needless to say we have 26 baptismal dates!  Its hard to keep them all orginized (Elder Leach used to do all that for us) but I'm managing quite well I suppose.  The people in the town ship here seem to drink almost 24/7  its so darn annoying!!! I can't quite handle them I'm sick of being hugged and litterally bowed down to by these sweet drunk people!  But I seriously have been trying to see people as Christ would but I think he would just cry!  Its so sad to see these people so far from our heavenly father! So I guess if I don't get any baptisms here thats fine but I hope to at least get some people closer to our savior!  Its amazing how your life can change when you strive to be like him and be nearer to him.  Thats what I hope to do here! Well we have the zone leaders coming to do exchanges on Wednesday night and Thursday day and I'm so excited they are both from Utah!!!  Elder Cannon and Elder Young!  It will be a fun day!  Then we have district training which includes our tiny district of 2 and President and Sister Probst!  Oh how I look forward to doing some roll plays with my mission president.......so scary!
So just an fyi the branch meets in a little rented ....place?  Its small but great!  The church is the same every where its so true and amazing!  I also email here to!
Courtney and Liz happy birthday!!!!!!! (i think?)
(maybe provide me with a birthday list mom??? ahahaha if you have time!
Ps I did not get to see any elephants but almost ran over a baboon, scary little fetcher.
Well I'm really doing great!  I'm enjoying the work more and more every day!  Thanks for all you do for me you both are truley the best parents in the world!  I love you both so much I hope you have a great week love ya!

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