Monday, January 17, 2011

Email from 01/17/2011

Hello Family,
Yes, I am drinking enough water, haha, we just got emails from President P saying how much we need to be drinking!  I'm trying.  This week was warm but not too hot! I'm doing great.  It's cool to hear all the fun stuff your doing, it's weird to think people are still living normal lives.  Well, we did not have district training this week because some stuff came up so they moved it to the 29th, which is only a few days before transfers.  I think we will both stay here.  Right now my laundry is at the laundry place because I'm too prideful to handwash.  I just love Tamsyn, I am glad you are staying friends with her, I miss Elder Leach so much, most missionaries get to stay in the area they were born in for at least 2 or 3 transfers, so it's hard but President Probst told Elder Leach I would see Paarl in the winter!  So that's comforting!  I am doing well in Knysna and I'm not loosing my sense of humor here, I've just learned when I want to be funny, I just share it with myself in my head and then laugh!  Elder Nzuki never knows why I am laughing but he wouldn't think it's funny anyways, haha.  I have been getting so many letters!  I love it, it's hard to find time to write all of them back.  I just barley got some from Mer, Oma, Brooke, Mom and Grandma.  I am so behind but I will give up my p day nap time and write them all back because I love getting letter!  The Phillip's also sent me a letter, that was nice.  I am so glad that you met Sister Bryers!  That is so awesome.  I am now in the same zone as her brother and we might even get to do exchanges sometime.  He is an awesome Elder and good friend.  Things here are good, the spirit has been so strong latley.  We have even had 3 investigators start to cry and they say "I don't know what's wrong", and I love it!!!  I love the spirit, it's so amazing how it can touch so many and reveal the truth to those who seek it.  I really love teaching, especially when they are truley listening.  It is so frustrating when we find people here to teach and then they don't speak english and it's hard because I just think what about them.  Are they just lost, how can we get to them?  The drunk people are also frustrating.  I can tell you, you have never ever seen sooooooo many drunk people.  The smell is awfull.  Sometimes I think I get a little buzz just smelling their breath!  It's fine as long as I won't be judged for that one!  Well, I'm doing well, I was teaching a lesson the other day and remember that rat I told you about?  Well, the dang thing found it's way out and I FREAKED.  It was so unexpected but we tried to just get the spirit back as best we could.  Mom, I am so glad you get to teach about gratitude.  I have tears in my eyes talking about this.  The people here have NOTHING!  I sent you pictures of the shacks and those are nice.  We teach on dirt floors, the homes smell.  There is no air conditioning anywhere, no stoves or ovens.  It's like camping and not gilrs camp camping.  Girls camp would be paradise for these people.  They eat a food called pap, which is like rice but lookes like mashed's not nice, and they live in a place where someone is raped every 20 seconds.  Would you want your daughter walk around a place like this?  That is why there are no sister missionaries.  But the people here are so happy and humble.  I'm not sure exactley how to express it.  We DAILY take for granted things like the temple, stake patriarch, beautiful church buildings, wards.  If they want a patriarchial blessing they wait till he can come or they pay tons of money to go to him.  But he can't do a lot at a time.  They can't make covenants in the temple because they would have to travel days to Joburg and that's very expensive.  They meet in small rooms for church, unless they have a building.  It's so sad how us Americans just take it all for granted.  We are truley lucky mom, I can't express that enough. I eat normal food now, we don't get a lot of das.  There is an old english couple here who feed us on Wednesdays.  I miss our food and the food Grandma makes!!  But it's not bad. I am beginning to love the people of Knysna but I am missing my investigators in Paarl, but I know they are in good hands.  Well I am really doing good and enjoying my time here.  I have realized that my time is soooo short, and there is alot to be done.  I hope you have a great week, I love you all thanks for everything you do for me.

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