Thursday, December 30, 2010

hello! im glad that we got to talk on christmas it helped sooooo much! im also changing my mood and not focusing and the downfalls of this experiance! after hearing about jeff i have just felt so lucky to be blessed with endurance! its not an easy thing and to be honest i dont blame him! thank you for sacrificeing two of your kids to do this work, its so important and needs to be done! kate told me that you and dad have kids doing the lords work around the clock because when she sleeps im awake and the other way around! i thought that was soo cool! well number one! thank you (and dad) for my package it was THE BEST EVER! i loved it! if or when you ever send another one, those cool jell packs we took on treck would be GREAT!!!! also my blue shorts?? the light blue ones please but dont feel like you have to! i got dave and calees package and my favorite thing in there was the ultrasound pic!!!! i showed it to all the senior couples and all the branch members who cared! i know its just his feet but i was so excited! im so excited for Emily and Tyler too! thats awsome! i wish i could have been there (i mean when she has it!!!! not like in there but you know it utah or whatever) well the holidays around here are experiance! any whre from cows being sacrificed (while still moooing) or the cops making announcments to keep them and there kids in side so they dont get raped or killed!!! but i love it! in every home we go into over the holidays they feed us! and they eat alot of meat! like im breaking the word of wisdom alot of meat! but i love it hear and i hope to get a baptism soon we have lots of investigators there all just progressing slowley! but the lord will prepair away! and dont worry about me in the heat! i will be fine the lord know what i can handle and knows what to do! im hear for a reason! dont ever think im coming home i promise if i do it will be in a box (preferably blue)! tell brad hello for me! im glad he is doing well and i hope hes not to home sick i canalready tell you it will be hard to leave this place and this work! also tell maralyn and lee hancock thank you for the letter there great! well im about out of time! forward me katees emails please and i am doing great! i will be inside all flipping day for new years eve and day so i wont get shot or beat to deathe with a giant rod ;) some words of comfort! well i love ya mom your the best im so proud of you and im so lucky to have the best 2 people in the world as my parents! happy new years love ya shaap
Shaap is his name in Afrikanz

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