Friday, December 10, 2010


well this week was a wierd one! monday was p day duh and that was preatty normal we went to sister Dirks for family home evening and she fed us, they always feed us! sunday morning i woke up to go to the restroom and stepped in a puddle of water! our bathroom flooded and we were with out a toilet for 5 days!! Elder Herbert was livid he asked the land lord to fix it every day and on the fifth day he just freaked out at the poor woman hahahaha they love us! wednesday was Zone confrence and it was good! Elder Wattson from the 70 came with his wife. his wife talk about using the articles of faith in our teching and it was amazing! one of my favorite lessons ever! but it was fun to see a few people from my transfer. we also found out that transfer day is a week early!!! so we will get transfer news on the 14th or 15th and be transfered on the 16th. her is my prediction! i think i will stay and so will Elder Leach atleast i hope and i think he will be the the DL of our district and Elder nielson and Elder Maja will both leave and we will have two new ones! that just what i think! i really hope i dont have to spend Christmas with a new Companion, but hey atleast im not in katees shoes. i hope for her sake it just feels like another day!!! poor girl i do worry about her and hope she will be okay. It was nice to have investigators come to shurch!!! we have this family were teaching, there last name is Soul hahaha anyways tumeka and caster soul are amazing!!! she skippes work to come to churh! thats some great dedication. and they have a little boy named Gift. they are going to be baptixed in January hopfully! they we are teaching a Xhosa (click) lady named Lindelwa she is great! and she has a little girl with a skweeky voice. she so freaking awsome i love to hear her click all through a lesson!!! we also taught a man Jacobus who before we came intentionally looked up things from the book of mormon that "couldnt possibly be true" he drove me crazy that little man! but we handles it well and i wasnt even scared!!!!! ummmm well this is really short ha tell grandma i love writing her and that wont be the last!!! yes the La Vitas are amazing we have FHE over there tonight! yes mom they are colored! but there normal ha but i love them! they are great!!!! we sang at an old age home with the branch yesterday! i wanted to go talk to all the old people but the branch was scared of them haahaha oh man well im doing good, it has been hitting me that two years is a long time but the time ive been here has already shot right past!!! im doing okay im really excited to talk to you guys on christmas but then again not really i dont know how ill react! but it should be good well i will talk to you later i love you guys i hope everything is going good! love ya
Okay so mom do you think you could look and the distrabution center and find the Doctrin and Covenants and church history visual resorce dvds! there great to tech with we have been barrowing Tamsyns but i want my own incase i leave! if its too much trouble then its okay!
also will you send me that one christmas story about the oranges and the orphan or what ever
who is the new YW presidency???
i havent gotten a package yet but i will soon! i get mail from the herberts on Sunday and Wednesdays

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