Monday, September 24, 2012


I.....AM.......SO....... TIRED!!!!!!!!!!  This is not easy.  The last few weeks are known to be the hardest and its even worse because its Elder Cowey's last week.  So its like I'm dying before I'm dead!  We have had an okay week as far as work goes.  Mission really is like life and towards the end you get a bit slower. But we are really trying!  Our investigators have been so busy this week.  Three of the people we are teaching are students and that's a very busy schedule plus they have exams this week so they have been hard to meet with.  The Dewaal family is doing well.  We love them.  Brother Dewaal is struggling to feel ready to come to church.  It's hard to help him resolve this concern because he just says he is not ready.  What do you say to that?  I wish he would come because my testimony of church attendance has really grown.  I learn so much at church and with this being our time to prepare there is nothing better to help us prepare then going to church.
We have been helping our landlords clear their yard for construction and it was so bad the other day they bought the yard next to them which was owned by an old man and that yard was all grown over and had TONS of rubbish buried in long grass.  I mean ropes, tubes, trash, garden tools, even an old toilet! ,Hahaha we took two loads to the dump and still have more.  We collected all the scrap metal and Brother Fourie said he would take us to dinner with the money he got from the scrap metal hahaha.  We love the Fourie family we have cake with them every Sunday night and love to visit with them. 
Elder and Sister Taylor leave this week so that will be sad but the new couple is really nice.  When we fetched them from the airport Sister Sherbert looked at my tag and said "hey I know you...I have read your moms blog" haha I was a little nervous about that!  Oh well, they seem awesome.  Well, I think today we are going bowling because the weather sucks.  We helped out at the family history center this morning digitalizing some records.  That was cool. 
We also went to George and Knysna this week.  The new missionaries are awesome.  I feel bad for the one because his flat was broken into and he lost a lot!  Anyways I'm doing well and trying to die strong!  Its not easy but its possible so I can do it.  Happy Birthday this week to Tiffany and Kathy, I hope you guess have a great day.  Well, that's it, love you all.

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