Monday, September 17, 2012


Wow the weather has changed, its so hot here.  Its been a crazy week with transfers but luckily this time no one in PE or George and Knysna missed any flights!!!!!!!   It was a crazy week but we are all where we need to be now.  Our new companion Elder Andriamenentena from Madagascar is awesome he is a ton of fun and loves to work so I will die quite nicely.  Elder Cowey leaves in two weeks, we will miss him but he is ready to go.  I think it will hit sooner though. 
So we had an awesome lesson with Ruchenda.  She is doing really well.  We were planning on teaching about the Plan of salvation but we listened to the spirit and it took us a whole different direction.  We taught an awesome lesson on prayer and baptism and how you find the truth.  I honestly have never followed the spirit so well.  Both Elder Cowey and I were directed the same and it was so powerful.  We talked about it afterwards and we honestly received the same promptings the whole time.  God knew what she needed to hear to know that what we were saying was TRUE!  SHE EXCEPTED A BAPTISMAL DATE FOR OCTOBER 14TH! oh crap I wasn't looking at the screen and I just realized it was on caps lock hahaha whoops.  It was an awesome lesson.  One thing I have really learned is how to follow the spirit.  As if its really hard.  More just accepting what it says even if His plan is different.  It will really be better. 
So we have been teaching some awesome people and I hope to have some good baptisms before I go. 
So the other day Elder Cowey and I were boiling some eggs and we just sat there at the table reading and all the sudden we hear "chirp chirp.....chirp chirp".   I look at Elder Cowey then at the boiling eggs and think.....NO WAY!!!!   So one by one we take the eggs out until the chirping stops.  We just threw it away because we had no desire to see what was chirping hahaha, not the end you all were hoping for but still pretty cool.   The eggs here are natural so the are brown and usually have the poop or feathers still stuck on them....yummy ey?
We were also invited to the Vansickles for a Braii.  It was for the Taylor's who are leaving. ;( so we go and then walks in Bishop Mahaluba and his wife from Kwano.  I loved them.  We keep running into each other so she says HEY WENA (you) who's following who, ey?  Hahahahahahaha it was so funny.  Then Bishop asked why I'm not going home?  Seems like I've been here forever I guess.
We ate at the Malekis' yesterday and Sister Maleki asked Elder Cowey to pray and so he started arguing about it with their 9 year old daughter and she just firmly said FINE you don't want to talk to God ey??? Hahahaha it was so funny. 
Well all is well here, we have a ton of exchanges because everyone in our zone is training!  So we are off to George tomorrow.   I hope its cooler down there.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY GRANDMA'S and CALEE!  I hope you all have a gret birthday, I will be thinking about you.  Marilyn, I get your faithful letters every week and I promise you at least one letter even though you deserve way more.  I also get letters from Grandma and Oma, Mom and Grandpa and Mer and Terry and Laura and I'm not worthy of them because I'm so lazy and busy to write back.  I love you all and hope you have a great week!

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