Monday, September 10, 2012

Running on empty.....09/10/12

Well I really do not have much time.   Today we are going to the Cheetah park and to the driving range I'm still really bad at golf but its way fun.  I cant wait to go with the Cockaynes.  If they can still swing with those prego belly's hahahaha.  Amy and Emily......and DAN hahaha just kidding!  This week has been great.  We had a lot of exchanges and that kept us really busy.  Its fun to go work with other elders in their areas. We are going to George and Knysna next week and that will be cool. it might mess with my emailing time but we will see how things go.  There are so many new elders coming this week, like 20!   All but one in our zone is training so we will have tons of exchanges!  We are excited though it will be fun!
Were doing well in our area.  The De wall family is progressing really well.  We love going there.  Also Alan came to church!  He is a student from Zimbabwe that we teach and he is really cool.  He is friends with Luthando who is in the ward so he has an awesome fellowshipper!   I forgot my planner and I forgot what I was going to write about!  Dang!  Oh well. 
Well I am doing awesome, our third companion Elder Andriamenentena will be here on Wednesday and we will be three until the 4th of October when Elder Cowey leaves.  Sad day, but hey its all good.  The weather is starting to change and its an awesome place to be in the spring, summer time.  Right on the coast!  OH DUH Carey and Karen in Bellville were baptized on Sunday!  I was so excited to hear.  I cant wait to see them again!  Anyways I hope all is well.  I love ya, thanks for everything.  Sorry this is short I will have a better one next week!
Love ya,

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