Monday, October 8, 2012

Crazy, Busy and Going Strong! 10/08/2012

Wow what a week. Sorry there was not mass email last week, it was a crazy busy time with all the changes and traveling.  Small glimps into the future.  We took Elder Cowey to the Airport Wednesday morning it was sad but I always think everything will be harder then it is.  So, I'm doing great.  This week has been a little slow as far as the work goes. We did however find a new family.  The Bolani family.  They are so excited to learn more and begged to come to church.  They live in a small shack about the size of my bedroom back home.  It has thin wood and cardboard walls with a roof full of holes.  No running water.  Dirt floor, the whole works.  Its basically the typical shack.  They are really poor and sometimes people want us to teach them with false hopes of us helping them financially.  I really wish I could.  So I hope their intentions are not that.  That was bad English....sorry Oma. 
Were still teaching the Dewaal family and they are doing awesome.  Because they have had bad experiences with attending other churches in the past they still have not come to church but they are reading and doing well.  Last night they even said they feel they have received an answer and know its true! That was really exciting for us.  Whenever anyone tells me that I feel the spirit so strong just testify to me that it IS true!
Its so nice to work in an area with a big chapel because that means..........BIG SATELLITE,  so I got to see the Saturday and Sunday AM sessions even though they were at night.  It was awesome and I loved the new announcements about the age requirement for serving missions.  Hopefully that will help more to get out here. 
Were are doing a fire side this coming Sunday.  Its going to be about the iron rod in Lehi's vision. We are going to have a rod in the dark leading to "the tree of life" then people will hold on to the rod while the senior couple missionaries try to tempt them and get them to let go.  Obviously their goal is to hold on and not fall into temptation then in the end we will watch the video where elder Packer talks about "spiritual crocodiles", how in the wild crocodiles slowly approach their pray little by little just like satan and in life we have to be careful and watch out for spiritual crocodiles.  So hopefully it goes well and doesn't flop. 
Well thanks for everything.  I have really gained a huge appreciation for my family and our friends I probably have more support then any other missionary here and I'm serious.  So thanks for everything and for your faith and for your prayers.

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