Monday, October 15, 2012

Don't Let Go!

OH what a week!  Monday we took the whole day to plan for the fire side then had a FHE with the Parkin family.  It was awesome they did a lesson on writing down our blessings and it was awesome to see how we are really blessed with so much!  I have been more focused in my prayers to be more grateful.
Then on Tuesday we woke up early and had our training with half the zone while President was interviewing. It went well, it was focused on obedience and planning and studies, so it went well, I guess.  Then we had his training with the whole zone.  It was AWESOME.  It really helped me see how I want to be in life.  It was on honesty in all we do and how important it is.  The last 5 commandments evolve around being honest, so obviously its pretty important.  I did a personal study on the last 10 commandments and related them to honesty and it really shows how God wants us and needs us to be 100% honest.  Can you imagine the world if no one lied?  Wow!  Then we ate lunch and we repeated our training with the other half of the zone while President interviewed.  My interview was great.  Sweet and short seems how I will have my final interview next week.  He thinks my plans for coming home are pretty great the only thing is he wants me to apply to both BYU's, hahahaha.   I hate to not follow council so I will pray about that one.  It was so cool to go to George and Knysna.  We met with both the branch presidents and that was great to see them.  They have hectic callings to run those struggling branches in the middle of no where.  They are awesome!  They also both said I have gained weight and look different haha, so I guess that's pretty good!  In knysna we went to go pick up the other elders and LOW AND BEHOLD it was at a family who are strong members.  I walked in and recognized them.  I TOTALLY taught that family for the first time!  It was a good lesson and they remembered me.  I have to be honest I didn't have high hopes for them!  The Lord did!  And no, it was a different family from Yoliswa.  I also saw her and took her a picture.  I also saw Luyanda and Veronice.  They are doing great we found and baptised them when I was there.  I love that family and now they have three little boys.  Power house!  We also visited sister Tessa she is an awesome sister and she fed us lunch!
Then in George we had a lot of fun seeing Elder and Sister Richins.  They are an AWESOME couple they work so hard and have seen alot of struggles in George but they are doing so good.  I saw Cecilia who is no longer active.  Her family was anti mormon and very abusive.  Her family just moved though to Dubai and so now she is trying to get Sundays off.  She really missed the church!  If you forgot who she was she is the short older coloured woman.  I loved her she reminded me of Kathy! 
We had alot of fun driving down and back my comp Elder Andiamanantena is THE BEST!  He is so fetching funny!  He is the perfect one to kill me.(mission lingo)  We have a great week planned out basically appointments every hour and  two exchanges.  So I'm looking forward to the week.  The fire side went so good!  We made the rod out of PVC pipe that we found in Brother Fourier's yard hahaa.  Then we had some tempters to get people to let go of the rod and some good spirits to whisper that they must not let go. It was completely dark. Lots of people let go and were lost then at the end there was a bright Christmas tree with the tree of life with white chocolate on it hahaha, then we showed the video Spiritual crocodiles by Pres Boyd K Packer.  Mom I think you should link that to the blog or just you tube it because it was really good.  It was about staying away from sin and temptation.  I know in this life its not easy but if we hold on to the word of god we will never be led astray.  I saw a woman who could not let go last night because she was helping a sweet elderly woman to hold the rod in the dark, so she was too busy helping others along the path that she could not stray.  We should practice this in life.
Well, I have to go.  Love you all and  thanks for everything!

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