Monday, March 21, 2011

Just another day in Paradise!! 03/21/11

Hello one and all!
So at the beginning of this week I was just a hot mess.  I wanted to know what would happen with transfers!!  I was sure that if anyone left it would for sure be Elder Nzuki,  but the APs called on Tuesday, and said that I would be leaving but not too far (which is not common) they said I would be going off to George which is a great area only about a 1 hour drive from Knysna.  So we said our goodbyes and that was hard but it was easier than leaving Paarl because I knew I needed it......BAD.  I loved the people of Knysna and I really miss them. I'll get to drive through when we go to Port Elizabeth for zone conferences, but I won't get to stop and visit anyone!  That's okay I'll see them when I visit at the end with mom and dad.  It' also nice for your travel plans mom and dad because George and Knysna are so close!  Sister Mason who lives in Knysna said we have to stay with them when we come! (there loaded) and her husband President Mason is 1st counselor in the mission presidency.
     Now I am in George.  I met Elder Nzukis new companion at the airport and he was way sick!  Poor guy. He's from America and he seems cool.  MY new Companion is Elder Fozard from Leeds England.  Its been a really great new transfer he is awesome and alot of fun!  The area is 100% white people! It's WAY different like a whole new world!  But its been a little hard because they are ALL VERY EXTREMELY racist and I HATE that.  It  is so uncomfortable!  They are  not like the Knysna whites they are nice but they are so racist and its corrupted Elder Fozard a little so now he's a little racist and that's hard!  He LOVES to go to this members house and they are a little corrupt and pretty blunt.  They said they probably won't like me because I'm not racist and too strict!  Oh well, I won't have to answer to that I'm actually proud that that's how they view me! hah   I already miss the township so bad, and black people!
     Our district is.........are you ready..........A FOUR MAN DISTRICT!!!!!! YES!!!!  We have DL Elder Dillion of Arizona and Elder Henrico of Tanzania! They have the township the area is still considered banisment (far far away) but at least there's four of us!
     So last week I did force Elder Nzuki on Monday to go see the elephants!  So you can see some of those pictures!  I'm still in another branch and one that struggles terribly but I like the challenge!  Missionary's here play a HUGE roll in the function and growth of a branch especially  because its under the mission and not a stake!
      So yes I still have a car but my guess is that I'll be here for three months then I'll go to a walking area!  The weather here is also very effected by global warming, it's cool one day and hot the next hopefully soon it will just be cold.  I'm done with the heat!  I think if I walk I will just look like an anorexic.  It is such a task to keep my weight above 130 and right now I'm failing, I'm like 128 ha but I feel great and I know that comment is going to freak dad out,  but don't worry I'm eating a lot and white missionaries love to eat out so I'm sure I'll gain lots of weight! I am pretty sure the baby will come this week and it KILLS ME to be here! So you can always call or email the mission office and one of the elders or couples will call me!

     Well its going grrreat hear!  Please just pray for these racist whites and pray that I won't be corrupted!  I know that this gospel is true and I love it!  I love going everyday relying on the promptings of the spirit.  I have a solid testimony that if we listen we can always be guided by it.  Our Father in Heaven loves each of us and is aware of our situation!  I love you family and friends and thank you all for your love and prayers!    Love Elder Balmforth

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