Monday, March 7, 2011

Busy Week 03/07/11

Well another week.  As my companion would say (every 5 seconds) "woo time flies".

We have had a very busy week.  We had a trip to George which is about an hour and a half drive.  Elder Nzuki had to do some baptismal interviews there and I being his driver went with him.  It was a nice drive it's a very beautiful area and I am lucky to be here.  One second you can be driving through a jungle the next second your in the woods, (like home) and the next second your driving along the coast.  The land is so diverse here.  (Mom and Dad read my patriarchal blessing).  Then we had to go to Port Elizabeth for zone conference, it was the best conference yet.  I love those meetings they are the most spiritual and uplifting things I've ever been to.  Yes, the drive is way long and my bony butt was killing me but it was worth it.  We talked about the Book of Mormon in conversion and how to make it more simple.  This gospel really is so simple.  It's basically explaining the steps Heavenly Father wants us to take and how we need to go about it.  I am constantly learning more and more.

This Sunday was great.  We had lots of visitors.  Four of them were from America!!!!  There were two girls doing service here from California and then a couple visiting friends from Orem, Utah.  It was so good to meet them and visit with them.  We will be going on Tuesday to help President and Sister Mason (members of the branch and also the mission presidency) and the same group of teens on Tuesday with their service project.  I hope it's not too hot.  Any way the couple from Utah have our address and dad's cell number and are going to visit when they get home.

As far as the work went this week it was a slow one.  I have not had one of these yet but they are not fun.  We had to drop a ton of our investigators because they were just not interested and so my week was filled with finding new people and it's been hard.  We are not finding any prepared people.  Where are they?  I know they are out there it just gets frustrating , but we hang in there and don't get too discouraged.  We have just been doing all we can and leave the rest up to the Lord. 

Luyanda and Veronica were confirmed yesterday and it was so awesome!!!  They are so happy but now Luyanda has to move to Cape Town for work, it is really tough getting work in South Africa so he is just doing whatever he can.  We will contact the missionaries there and the Branch President and get them involved, so they stay active.

The weather this week has been HOT and sometimes warm.  I can't wait for the winter!!  I finished all my letters and have not gotten any this week but I will soon I am sure.  We did have one great experience this week.  We were out looking for investigators and came upon this older man and woman. ( I love old people)
They were taking out all their furniture so they could lay down a new floor.  So we stopped and asked if we could help.  They did not speak English but knew we wanted to help, so they let us in and we began helping them.  When the task was finished we gave them a pamphlet, our names and number.  We left them with a prayer and said goodbye.  Later that day we got a phone call from their daughter.  She said her parents said two angles came and helped them and the daughter was so grateful and asked to see us so we set an appointment and will be seeing her soon.  I am glad we listened to the prompting of the spirit in where we should go that day to find people to help.

Happy Birth week mom.  I used to hate when you would say that.  Then after a week it turns into a birth month, haha.  But I miss being your little slave.  Brenna is about the age to be trained for that job.  Anyway, I love you and  THANK YOU SO MUCH for all you do.  I know I cause you a lot of stress, but just know that I am okay.  Have a Happy Birthday!

Well, it's been a great week and one that has definitely strengthened my faith and testimony in all that I am doing.  This is one TOUGH job and life, but soooooo rewarding.  Thank you all for your love and support and most of all prayers.  It means a lot.  Have a great week

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