Monday, March 14, 2011


Hello again!
It' s been a good week here in Knysna!  So really nothing huge or great happened this week!  Laticia is doing fine it's sadly but really a funny story!  I shouldn't laugh but she did, so whatever!  Also Luyanda (my recent convert)  moved to Cape Town this morning without Veronica (his wife also a RC) he got work there and its really hard to find work so he has no choice.  But maybe if I serve there I will see him!   Hopefully he will be back in Knysna when I visit there at the end of my mission. It was hard to say goodbye I hate good byes, but most of all I hate that I get so attached to people!  I am not in the right business because I just get so attached to people ha but I know its okay and I would rather have the experience and time with them than not at all!
I'm sooooo glad Peter is almost leaving I wish him the best.  He will do amazing he is such a people person! I'm glad you all got to see some of my friends, it sounds like some of them have changed and that's sad but I half expected it so oh well.  I've been thinking a lot lately about why the Lord expects so much out of 19 year ols! and I've realized its not that much when you see what so many others have gone through!  Sure its hard but I know it will be worth it and I'm enjoying the experience!  The George Elders asked if we wanted to go to the elephant park today where you can go ride them and see them but Elder Nzukie said on the phone "I've seen thanks!"   HA, I HAVEN'T, I wanna go so bad but he pulled the senior companion card on me and I bet your having a hard time picturing that because my own father had a hard time pulling the senior companion card on me. I know I'm stubborn and do my own thing so I just said "your dumb" and shut my mouth hahahaha oh  whatever.
So I received the was a little explicit but what else can I expect. Anyways which brother of Mariannes's passed away? Tell her she's in my prayers and I love her.  Brenna is SOOOOOO funny  just laughed so hard at her on the tape haha I love her she sound so grown up!  Mom, you mentioned that I feel sick all the time!  I don't!!  I feel great! Stop worrying!
The letters I received were some of the best so just some side note comments.
MER: don't feel bad I totally hit one of those cement things too and so I got out and some big thing fell off the front of the car and I just picked it up and said what the heck is this? Shrugged my shoulders and thought oh well!  Then I got back in the car and said to myself, the lord is gunna be TICKED haha just like Brenna!
LAURA:  I cannot believe how close your second companion experience is to mine!  I'm shocked seriously there almost identical!  But I think you had it worse!  You must have had to go through that to prepare me so sorry about that one ha!
Mom, I love yours and Grandma's, Oma's and Brooke's and Courteney's weekly letters but your poor handwriting in cursive looks just like grandma's and I think you should not write in cursive anymore haha it shows great effort though and I really appreciate it!
The weather this week has been okay Monday was hotter than hot and the rest of the week has been mostly cool! Thank heavens!!!!!  I think I'll probably stay here for one more transfer then I'll go to a walking area : sad but I think its my turn and it's his only opportunity because it will be cold so I'll do it!
Speaking of cars...........I got a freaking ticket!  I've never even been pulled over before!  But they have stupid traffic cameras here and they snap your darn picture if your speeding and send it to the office then you get a dreaded phone call!  But don't worry dad it doesn't effect your insurance I know that's what was running through your head!  It's not on my record or anything all this flippin government wants is your money!  It's hard to know how fast I'm going when it's Ks per hour not miles! Don't worry I've repented!
Transfer day is Tuesday and I have a feeling we will both be staying.  I don't know why I just have a feeling. Oh well.  So mom NO we don't all get together for transfers!  Do you know how much that would cost to FLY all the Elders to Cape Town then back to their area!  Every one just gets a phone call. If they call Tuesday night then he will leave.  If they call Wednesday I will leave and if they don't call at all we stay. That's basically it.
So we did service with sister Mason this week!  She is AWESOME.  She has her own non profit organization and she does lots of service!  So we went to a shelter for abused women and helped clear land for a playground. it was fun but hot.
Anyways I hope your all doing great I'm slowly working on letters and I appreciate all of them!  I'm so thankful for this opportunity to serve and I know that this gospel is true and I know who ever stays faithful to it will truly be blessed in there lives! I'm SO thankful for a living prophet who guides us where we need to go. And I'm so thankful for our Savior, Jesus Christ and his atoning sacrifice I've learned so much by striving daily to follow his perfect example!  It's very hard to do but I have seen so many blessings by just trying.  I love you all and I'm so thankful for your love and support over these past can you believe it FIVE months! Love ya have a great week!

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