Friday, October 22, 2010

First message 10-20-2010

MOM and DAD!!!!!!
       Holy Cow what a crazy way here! I cant believe im really here! and now i dont really know what to say ha. well i got here obviously and so far so good. the mission Pres is Pres and sister christiansen there cool he is funny so thats good! i flew here with 9 other Elders 4 to cape town, 5 to Uganda and 1 to kenya. they bring the americans here first, it seems like they want to give us a little talk on pride wich is good! its a really nice MTC my comp is from Zimbabwe. he will be here tomorrow. i room with two other Elders from South Africa they will also be here tomorrow!
     i met a man on the plane to atlanta his name was Mani. i talked to him about the church and he seemed intrested which is an absolute mirical! i sat by a sister missionary and Elder who were on there way home! so she is going to send him a book of mormon!!! it was scary but so exciting. Ps that load of laundry in the dryer, yeah i was supposed to pack that! so no jeans or jacket for me. good thing it is flippin hot outside.
   So my mission Pres in Cape Town wrote all the missionaries EXEPT me hahaha they all wrote him a letter back so i hope he doesnt think i'm the loser Elder from Utah ps you get alot of crap for being from Utah......its not my fault
 OMA and GRANDPA there is an Elder here going to Uganda hes from Escalante he is the Mayors son. he said his dad wants to buy Cowboy Blues.....i said over my dead body.
    So tell Brenna i will eventually forgive her for not hugging me! haha so my P days are on Saturdays and then when i leave they will be Mondays.
ive been a little home sick but i just keep in mind how i feel and i have never felt so close to our savior. some times i think why am i doing this i wanna turn around but i know this is the right thing and i cant wait to get out there and help people and teach them all i know, which is not alot but hopefully i will get smarter!
         people talk so funny here i can hardly understand them but its awsome! i cant wait to just get started! tomorrow is basically a free day because the other Elders will just be getting here! this  kind of sucks because all i will think about is home! i think im having the hardest time because all the other elders are so strong i mean i haven't broke down or anything like that but still i just feel emotionally weak. Mom you can Email that mom from Arizona and tell her i traveled with her son Elder Romney! also the mission presidents letter said they didnt need alot of stuff like sheets or a whole bunch of crap that i brought so ill probably leave it behind or see how i can send it hope and i might have to leave a whole suit case i dont know yet. it sucks that i didnt get a letter!
 well i love you all and im thinking about trying not too but its hard. i know im going to LOVE it here. im okay and soon I'll be good and eventually i will be GREAT so please dont worry about me.
             Love Ya  Elder Balmforth

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