Saturday, October 30, 2010

E-mail from colton 10-30-2010

So im doing really great here! i love the SA MTC! i did have a great Birthday.....well as good as can be expected! MOM, DAD, and FAM thank you for the treats you guys are amazing! LIZ thanks for the wierd smelly notes your cool! AUB thanks for the card i read it alone because i knew it was going to sing to me! so PRES and SIS Christensen came in my room and sang to me in the morning and then they got us all cake for lunch and sang again! with candles! it was nice of them! i have lots of pics but NO time to upload so hopefully next week! THANK YOU ALL for the amazing letters you gave my mom. i am still trying to finish them but its not easy to read them hahaha. MOM please send lots of pictures of the girls on Halloween!!! and BRENNA HAPPY BIRTHDAY i love you and hope you had an amazing day! i cant belive I have already been here for TWO weeks! its crazy! i do like it here all the elders are amazing, my Comp is elder Zimunhu and he likes to wake up at 5am...............hes a nice soul and he really is so spiritual and knows this gospel so well! then there is elder kingsley who drives me absolutley crazy but i stay revrant. Elder Cowey is  from England he is AMZING hes one of my best friends here and Elder lyman who lives right down the street from us in t-ville! and then thers Elder Houston hes way cool and a really good example. one of my other roomates  is Elder Lewatle from SA hes way cool! funny black kid!  Elder Haynes is from Califonia hes awsome. some of these Elders are going to uganda though so that kinda sucks! my Mission Pres and his wife are THE best ever! so if your using Dear i think my letters are going to the Home in Cape Town. kelsee please make sure you put my Cape town Address on FB because thats where ill be soon! we went to the temple on Tuesday it was AWSOME! SISTER C JUST HANDED ME A DEAR ELDER LETTER SO NEVER MIND WHOOOOOOOHOOOOOO im so Stoked! well i know this gospel is TRUE i have felt the spirit so much and i will more when my mom pays my tithing! i love you all and thanks for your prayers and letters! next to our savior those have helped me the most! please keep writting love you all! p.s.  calee i didnt get time to read your letter so i will read  it soon and get back to ya! Love you all

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